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A Hag of a Night

Having finally made it to Riverwood, Moradin and Content Not Found: jonathan_ decided to make their way to The Steel Keg to clean themselves up before their meeting with _Content Not Found: crix while Wilhelm decided to go directly to the Lord’s manor.

In The Steel Keg, Moradin and Jonathan found a welcoming Halfling by the name of Rodney who was happy to rent them a room and give them a little bit of information about the town of Riverwood. Moradin and Jonathan spent time in their room washing away the grime from their stay in The Mine.

At Lord Crix’s manor, Wilhelm was graciously greeted by Crix’s butler — Clancy; informing that he was happy the group was able to arrive and was happy to show him to his room that they had prepared. Wilhelm was fed and given a change of clothes and took the time to rest and clean up while awaiting his companions.

Jonathan and Moradin made their way to the manor, finding that they too had accomodations awaiting them, along with food, and clothing — even for the large Minotaur. After removing their prison garb for more appropriate clothing the group decided it was time to meet up with Lord Crix. The group was sad to see that Crix’s letter held true as the Half Elf lie in his bed, a mere shadow of the man he used to be; he was very gaunt and could barely move.

He gave the group information about ruins at the island of Mormato; where he believes they may find answers in how to end the war between the Manis and the Unis. Wilhelm took some time to check Crix over; unable to pin point the disease that afflicted Crix. After answering some questions about the island and giving them more information about Riverwood. Crix mentioned that his butler Clancy would have more details and that a friend of his —Content Not Found: jup-bronzebeard was awaiting them at The Dancing Weasel.

After leaving Crix’s room, Clancy gave them his condolances and thanked them for coming to pay their respects. The group was surprised to learn that Crix had actually passed away just three days ago. Finding it hard to believe the group went back into the room and found the room to be empty. Disturbed and unsure of who they had just spoken with, the group took to their rooms to wrap their minds around the loss of a dear friend and to take the night to rest.

When the group had awoken, they found a hot breakfast awaiting them, and Clancy who informed that he had Crix’s will. The group decided to take to Crix’s office where they found that all of Crix’s estate was left to them, including the manor, staff, parts of Riverwood, 2000 GP, and a sailing ship, along with whatever else was in the manor. Clancy introduced the group to Crix’s accountant Blitz; who gave them more information about Crix’s finances and the group was relieved to hear the Crix’s estate was mostly self sufficient with it’s current setup.

The group was also informed about a current problem that has been plaguing Riverwood, that so far three children had gone missing, and that they have been going missing at a rate of once a week. Knowing that they would need to hire a crew and raise money for supplies to sail to Mormato, the group decided to handle the more pressing matter at hand and deal with the missing children. The group learned from members of the town that so far two girls and one boy have gone missing, all aged 13, and that they were going missing at the beginning of every Friday.

Through the group’s investigation, they found that every house was being marked, and figured out the suspected kidnappers pattern to found out which house he/she was going to hit next. They few clues that they could find lead them to knowing that one of the children had died already, tracks that looked like they had belonged to a giant bird, and the symbol itself being an eye.

The group decided to hold up at the house that was going to be hit, Jonathan awaiting on the roof of a house nearby while Moradin decided to take to the streets. Wilhelm decided to wait in the child’s room while the rest of their family stayed in the main bedroom. As it neared midnight Jonathan and Moradin noticed two shady characters standing at street lights outside while one walked up to the door and started slamming on it.

Wilhelm decided to leave his post to answer the door, finding that the man had come for the father of the family (Robert), claiming that he had come for what’s owed. After some back and forth, Wilhelm figured out that Robert owed a large gambling debt and the thug was there to collect. Wilhelm opened to the door of the house to take care of the thug while Moradin rushed up behind the Thug and pushed him into the house and shut the door. Wilhelm managed to quickly bind the thug.

Seeing the altercation outside, the other two thugs waiting at the lamp lights sprung to action to aid their friend. Jonathan fired off a warning shot at one Thug that cause him to change direction; while the other approached Moradin who charged the thug; launching him in the air with his horns.

Wilhelm, realising the thugs wasn’t there for the child ran upstairs to find that the child’s door was shut and locked; he didn’t leave it that way. He kicked the door open and found it to be empty, but found that the locked door in itself was also a distraction as he heard a scream come from the parents room and the shattering of glass.

Outside the home and just under the parents window, Moradin felt glass shower on top of him as a shadowy figure lept from the house to the next building, Jonathan spotted the figure from his vantage point as well, and could see that the figure was carrying the child under it’s arm. Moradin quickly sprung to action, climing a lamp post to the top of the house and lept to the other building to join the creature; he stumbled slightly as he lept but managed to catch himself on the edge of the building.The creature look down at Moradin with one great eye, grinning while bearing his razor sharp teeth. The creature’s gaze gave Moradin an eerie feeling.

Now in the parents room, before Wilhelm could act the thug that Moradin had clobbered in the street ran into the hoom and upstairs, demanding Robert. Wilhelm managed to bribe the thug and convince him to help them take down the creature. Jonathan, from his vantage point launched a fireball at the creature, managing to rock the beast and knock the child from his arm; luckily the boy fell on top of Moradin who decided to let go of the building to get himself and the boy away from the creature.

Moradin landed hard, but the boy fell safely on top of Moradin. The creature hissed angrily at Moradin and glared at Wilhelm through the window; that same eerie feeling Moradin had felt overwhelmed Wilhelm causing him to wretch in terrible pain. Taking advantage, Jonathan took another shot the rocked the creature while Wilhelm ran down the stairs to join Moradin outside.

Realizing he was in a bad spot, the creature jumped down from the roof, rending Moradin with his claws, demanding that they hand over the child. Now that they were face to face with the creature they saw that he was wearing an amulet with a human eye inside; they could see the eye moving as though it was still alive.The group rallied together and with the “help” of the thug they were able to take down the creature. After searching the creature they found a map showing the location of a cave.

Wilhelm smashed the creature’s amulet and showed the map to the group and then took to interrogating the Thug. They found that the thug was hired to collect a debt from Robert and collect him for Aggro. The group gave the Thug a choice of joining the town guard or the stockades. The Thug chose the town guard.

The group decided that they would take time to rest and speak with Aggro in the morning before investigating the cave. The group managed to work out a deal with Aggro, that they would take on Robert as part of their crew for their future expedition, and Aggro would receive half of his wages to go towards his debt. After settling things with Aggro, the group went to the cave.

After battling some Ochre jellies, the group found a coven of hags who had made the cave their home. They found the source of the tracks to be their shack that stood on two large chicken legs and saw that there was a large opening to the cave that went into the ocean. The group also found all of the evidence they needed to confirm that the hags were responsible for taking the children, seeing that they had the remaining two locked up in small cages like animals, one of the children clutching at his eyes where it had been cut out.

The party sprung to action, taking on the hags — the hags proved to be a difficult challenge but the group managed to come out on top. Moradin managed to boil one of the hags in her own cauldron, while Wilhelm destroyed the other hags mind with his bardic magic.



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