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Finding Their Way Back

The group unloaded their treasure from the Spectator’s maze, when they came out with their last load they ran into a group of Yuan Ti waiting for them. Hearing that more were on their way coming down the road, the group decided to take Kitty and their horses and ride off while they still had a chance to.

Leaving in a panic as the Yuan Ti spotted them and gave chase, the group managed to get lost in the forest. As night fell, the group decided to make camp until daylight to regain their barrings. As they took turns at watch, the group spotted a fire off in the distance, as the night went on, the fire in the distance faded out.

The group decided to investigate the source of the fire in the morning and found that it was a cave with a camp fire within. Inside they saw livestock, a straw bed, and a pile of treasure.

Moradin decided to go inside the cave to take a closer look while Wilhelm and Jonathan kept watch. While Moradin was inside a Cyclops emerged from the forest. After seeing Wilhelm’s feats of magic, the cyclops decided to wall himself into his cave with Moradin, where a one on one battle commenced.

The rest of the group managed to get inside the cave, the Cyclops being impressed by Wilhelms feats of magic, came to think that he was a god. The group used this to their advantage to grab what treasure they could and flee from the cave.

After getting a safe distance away, Moradin looked their new found treasure, and amongst the gold he found a small bag. When opening the bag he breathed in it’s contents — dust. The dust cause him to sneeze the powdery substance of the rest of his companions cause them to poof away and appear inside of hearth where they found a hag.

The hag demanded that they give her back her soul bag, Moradin gave no resistance so the witch agreed to send them back to where ever they wanted. The group asked to be sent back to Riverwood.

As she send them away she wished them luck at Ravenwood. The group found themselves outside of Ravenwood manor, home to Count Radu — a vampire lord. Radu insisted that they spend the night; which the group had little choice in having been chased into the manor by a forest full of Blights. The group explored the manor finding undead and Dagon reading a tomb of flesh golem.

With the help of a restless spirit the group managed to slay Radu, which brought down the mansion and lifted the darkness on the forest that the blights were feeding off of. The group managed to find a smooth round stone covered in runes in Radu’s coffin, but thought it best to cover it and tuck it away.

The group rested outside of the fallen manor and set out in the morning finding the abandoned town of Ravenwood, pits of fire burst at certain points in the streets — but the group decided to see if they could locate a map within to get a better idea of where they were. After a bout with Gnolls and Owl Bears, the group did find the map they were looking for, along with a Devil who left them the gift of a Flesh golem, formed out of the piles of dead gnolls and owl bears that they had slain. The group managed to bring down the flesh golem and decided to leave the town to try and head back home. After taking a long rest, Jonathan dreamed of riding on the back of a golden griffon, firing radiant arrows into hordes of undead and finally awoke as he started to fly into a Lich. When he awoke, he found that his petrified egg had hatched, and there was a baby griffon with golden fur and feathers.

Along the way home, the group checked over the map and found that they were on the border between the Manis and the Unis, a better realization of this came when they spotted a platoon of Unis soldiers marching in their direction.

The group hid in the forest and watched as they went by. They saw that they had a cart filled with prisoners and were dragging a massive drill along with them. The group decided to follow the Unis and found that they had built a small fort out of trees.

Wilhelm using his new mask and his gift for impersonations managed to infiltrate the forest and found that the Unis had captured a gnome and a dwarf who they were interrogating about the drill. He also saw a cage full of various races that they had captured. Wilhelm managed to start a small fire and release all of the horses in the camp to cause a distraction.

When Wilhelm joined the group, they spotted a group of Unis chasing the horses into the forest. In an attempt to cut down their numbers, the followed the Unis into the forest and cut them down, finding they they were using strange weapons that fired balls of fire and iron (muskets). Wilhelm took one of the weapons, but had no idea how to use it.

The group decided that now was the time to make their attack. The group fought heroically, fighting through explosions, and gun fire. As they laid waste to the last of the Unis, they heard more marching in their direction. Luckily an air ship of goblins emerged, dropping bombs on the marching troops and fortress indiscriminately. The group released the gnome and dwarf to find that the drill was actually a means of transportation. The group took the prisoners into the drill and tunneled their way out of danger.

They re-emerged into a small outpost of various races, where they met a goliath named Solomon who ran it. He showed the group where they could resupply and thanked them for taking down the Unis fortress. The group also learned that the gnome was Flint Bizwittle, cousin to Blitz Bizwille — their accountant. He informed that he was on his way to Riverwood to see his cousin and show off his new invention and agreed to give them a ride.

The group also met the goblins who manned the airship and their captain, Smokestack. The group offered them a deal to make them a trade ship in return for passage to Riverwood. The goblin agreed as his wife was among the prisoners they rescued.

Half of the group decided to ride on the airship while the other half decided to go with the drill. Before leaving Solomon informed Moradin about another minotaur who had been staying at the outpost — Baern. He informed that he died defending it and asked if he would like to stay for the funeral. Moradin saw that Baern was missing a horn and quickly realized that one of the men he killed at the Unis fort was using it as a gun powder horn.

After the funeral, Solomon showed the group a small band of Kobold outcasts with dull grey scales. He informed that they found them in Ravenwood and couldn’t keep them any longer. The group decided to take them along.

The following day, the group set out. Half with the goblins and half with the drill.



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