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First Day on the Job

Lights shines through the trees as the morning sun rises, The Wolverines are already up and ready – some taking the time to take in some rations, others outfitting themselves for the day ahead. Stryke walks through the ranks of his grunts, making sure no one is wasting time.

A small group of the orcs come crashing out of the forest, making their way to Stryke, Coilla is leading them.

“Captain. There are a small band of human guards making their way towards our camp, it looks like they might be the guards from Riverwood. They weren’t making any effort to be quiet anyway…”

Stryke nods.

“Go get them and bring them here, probably lost if they haven’t found the camp by now.”

Coilla smirks and heads back into the woods as commanded, taking two other grunts with her. Haskeer makes his way towards Stryke, Alfray following not too far behind him.

“Guard duty huh? You think these piss pots will be able to behave themselves?”

Stryke doesn’t give Haskeer much of an expression, but answers.

“If not; make sure that they are aware that there will be lashings – guarding Riverwood and keeping the peace is a direct order.”

Haskeer nods. The three lieutenants turn their attention to Coilla, now leading a small group of human guards. Leonard is among them. Leonard looks around nervously, he definitely isn’t used to being surrounded by orcs. He clears his throat, trying his best to not sound intimidated.

“I’m Leonard, captain of the guard. We have lodgings, food, and weapons ready for you back at Riverwood. There are more of you than we had originally thought…”

Stryke tries to keep from smirking at the promise of better weaponry. Haskeer makes no attempt to hide a wide smile on his face. Stryke gives him a slight elbow.

“Good. It’s nice working with a group that keeps their word and you have ours that we will do our best to keep your town safe.”

Leonard gestures for the orcs to follow, Haskeer immediately begins barking orders; getting the rest of the grunts to fall in line as they march towards the city. Leonard briefs them on parts of the town and where he expects them to keep watch – as they approach the road; the group comes to a halt as they see another group of guards making their way to the town; surrounding a carriage. Stryke looks slightly confused at Leonard’s hesitance, and makes a hand gesture to his Wolverines to make ready for a fight.

“Why have we stopped? Are these not friends of yours?”

Leonard lets out a sigh as he inspects the guards black uniforms, wearing the sigil of white elk antlers.

“Looks like Lord Elkenrod has returned.”

Alfray chimes in.

“That a bad thing?”

Leonard straightens his chain mail.

“Not bad in the sense that you are probably thinking, but he is an asshole and so are his guards. At least we won’t have to keep an eye on the rich district, at least not if Elkenrod has anything to say about it.”

Haskeer grunts.

“Suites me.”

Elkenrod’s guards notice Leonard and the Wolverine lieutenants at the side of the road; the rest of the warband is hidden within the foliage of the forest. They approach the group.

“Orcs? What the hell are these scum doing here?”

Leonard’s face instantly gets a look of worry as he looks back to Stryke for his reaction, he seems stoic at the moment though as if he is sizing the guard up.

“They’re working with the new Lords of Riverwood manor, helping to keep peace.”

The guard lets out a chuckle.

“There is only one true “Lord” of Riverwood and it isn’t anyone who would work with orcs. Do they even know what peace is?”

Leonard struggles to find an answer, Stryke chimes in.

“You better hope we do, Human.”

Stryke raises his hand; his warband behind him in the forest makes their presence known. The guard takes a step back.

“Well… You see that you do…”

The guard quickly turns and heads back to the rest of his group. The Wolverines wait for the road to clear before Leonard leads them back into town.

“Thank you…”

Leonard says nervously. Stryke tilts his head slightly.

“For what?”

Leonard clears his throat.

“For not slaughtering those men… Despite Elkenrod’s demeanor, he is well liked in Riverwood. Among the wealthy at least.”

Haskeer chuckles.

“It would have been worse than a slaughter.”

Coila and Alfray smile. Leonard lets out a nervous laugh.

“Yeah… I’m afraid there is a bit of business that we do need to have looked into. This morning, one of our guards was found dead; hung at the gates of the city. It so happens that this guard used to work for one of our locals – Aggro Seabreeze.”

Stryke looks to Leonard.

“And you think this Seabreeze is responsible?”

Leonard tries to hide a scowl at the mention of the name and nods.

“Yeah. The guy used to work for him and gave his name up when our new Lords captured him, gave the guy a second chance as new town guard. I want this scum locked up and I think you and your band are the best ones to take care of it.”

Coilla chimes in.

“Don’t you think that might be over kill?”

Leonard shakes his head in disagreement.

“Not for Aggro, he’s not just a local. He’s dangerous, more so than he lets on and he lets on a good bit despite his false good nature.”

Styke nods his head.

“We can handle it, I’ll take a group of grunts myself and take care of it today.”

They stop at the gates of the city. Stryke gestures for the band to stop.

“Leonard. Take my grunts to get outfitted; they’ll follow your orders until I get there. I need to talk to my lieutenants in private.”

Leonard nods his head, Stryke barks an order to his grunts to follow Leonard; then looks to his Lieutenants.

“Looks like we’re walking into a bit of a shit storm… Trolls, rival lords, a murderer…”

Coilla shrugs.

“We’ve been through worse.”

Stryke nods.

“Alfray, I want you to take charge of the guard duties. I’ll take a small group and take care of this Aggro character, like I promised. Go get yourself some weapons.”

Alfray salutes and heads into town as ordered. Styke looks to Coilla and Haskeer.

“I want you two to take four grunts and take to the woods to scout. Keep your eyes out for that damn Troll, but don’t try and take him by yourselves; come and get me if you spot him… or anything else.”

His Lieutenants nod and salute.

“Get yourselves some weapons.”

Haskeer heads into town as ordered, Coilla stays back and waits until Haskeer is out of site.

“Why do I have to take that lumbering oaf? He isn’t built for quiet work.”

Stryke chuckles.

“Yeah, but I fear he wouldn’t fare much better ‘keeping the peace’.”

Coilla smiles and nods in agreement. Stryke puts his hand on her shoulder.

“Make sure he doesn’t try to fight that fucking Troll by himself. He’s an idiot sometimes, but we need him. Now go get some real weapons.”

She nods.

“Don’t take any shit from that Seabreeze.”

Stryke smiles.

“When do I ever take anyone’s shit?”

Coilla winks.


She heads into town. Styke takes a few moments to look over the outer walls and their current forces, he looks into the sky as if expecting something to descend upon the town before making his way in to get himself geared up.

Aggro stands behind the counter of his tavern “The Dancing Weasel”. There isn’t anyone there at the moment aside from Robert, who is sweeping the floors and cleaning table tops. Aggro leans down under his bar to grab a bottle of something and as he raises; he sees a group of orcs at his door. Aggro shouts towards them.

“We’re closed, come back tonight.”

Stryke smirks, now wearing hide armor, a shield at his back and a long sword sheathed at his side. Three of his grunts stand behind him.

“We’re not here for drink.”

Stryke smiles as he takes a few steps forward, his grunts follow his lead.

“I have to admit, I’m kind of glad you’re not a human. It’s not every day I get to take down a Dragonborn.”

Aggro slams his fist on his bar.

“What is this?”

Stryke unsheathes his sword, his Wolverines follow his lead and do the same.

“You can’t go around hanging guards, especially now that we’re doing the guarding.”

Aggro straightens himself, showing his full height and build; trying to show that if they were to fight it wouldn’t be an easy one.

“I didn’t hang any guards. I’ve been here. Who sent you?”

Stryke looks a bit disappointed that the fighting hasn’t started yet, but answers.

“We work for the new Lords of Riverwood, it doesn’t look good for you Seabreeze. Hanging one of your own men, one that gave you up before and doing it behind their backs when they leave town.”

Aggro reachs up on to the mantle behind his bar and takes down a spear, he looks to Robert and points to the door.

“Robert. Get out.”

The orcs let Robert leave the bar. Stryke holds his hand up to his Wolverines for them to hold back.

“Just one of you, eh?”

Aggro nods, gripping his spear.


Stryke orders his Wolverines.

“I guess it’ll be just you and me then.”

Aggro lets out a sigh.

“There’s no way out of this?”

Stryke smiles.

“You could disappoint me and surrender.”

Aggro chuckles.

“Won’t take bribes?”

Styke raises his sword and shield.

“I’ve got orders.”

Aggro shakes his head.

“Typical orc.”

Aggro lunges over his bar, jabbing his spear at Stryke who brings his shield up in time to buffet the blow away. Stryke comes at the dragonborn, slashing at him with his long sword. The dragonborn dashes backwards, moving with grace despite his size to avoid the blow.
He comes back at the orc, jabbing with his spear as Stryke fences with him; knocking the tip of the spear away with each strike. Aggro lunges forward with a kick catching Stryke in the chest knocking him back hard, he crashes into a bar table, smashing it.

Aggro leaps at him, trying to come down on him with the spear. Stryke manages to bring his shield up in time to catch the spear as it plunges through its wood. The tip of the spear is just a few inches from his face. Stryke lets out a hardy laugh as he rolls into the spear with his shield, snapping the tip.

Aggro leaps back before Stryke can continue with the roll and follow up with a slash of his blade – Stryke scrambles to his feet in time to see Aggro take a deep breath and let out a burst of lightning from his mouth.

Stryke leaps behind a table in time for it to catch the brunt of the lightning as it catches fire. Stryke stands up from behind the table, seeing that Aggro is unarmed; he drops his sword and leaps over the fire from the table – coming at the Dragonborn; swinging with his fists.

They trade blows, neither giving way until Stryke catches Aggro just right under the jaw, sending him flying over his own bar. He jumps over the bar to join him, stomping at the Dragonborn; doing his best to render him unconscious.

Aggro grabs Stryke’s foot, and lifts upward causing the orc to crash to the ground with him. They both struggle to their feet; Stryke is surprised to see that Aggro managed to get up before him; much quicker than he expected – waiting for him with a heavy haymaker to Strykes head, causing him to stagger back.

Aggro charges forward, looking to tackle Stryke who manages to catch the massive Dragonborn, they go into a test of strength, grappling for advantage. Styke manages to get the upper hand, tossing the dragonborn into his shelves of alcohol; the bottles of glass breaking around him. Aggro struggles to get to his feet, but Stryke rips a tap from bar, and smashes it over Aggro’s head – knocking him unconscious.

Stryke pants heavily looking back to his Wolverines as they watch on with approval.
“Take this scum and lock him up.”

The grunts follow their captain’s command with glee as they round up the unconscious Dragonborn and carry him off. Now alone in the bar Stryke collapses on to the bar, grabbing a cloth to wipe blood dripping for his swollen face. He laughs to himself and shakes his head.

“Tough fucker.”

He gathers up his broken shield and sword, dousing the fire on the table before leaving the bar.



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