Outsider Solutions

Outsider Solutions: Game One

After the past few weeks business had been slow for Outsider Solutions. It was quiet and as peaceful as it could be floating in their home above a city in Hell. It was early in the morning or at least, what the group decided was morning as Torinn Marscale was the first to rise, coming down the stairs ready to start his morning routine. He was stopped however by Bach and was informed about foot prints left by an unexpected visitor of the group’s Warlock — Barakas Creed.

Following the footprints Torinn did indeed find that they lead to the Warlock’s room who was awoken abruptly by Torinn’s panicked knocking. When Barakas had awoken, he was panicked himself in finding that there was a living face, identical to his own, on the back of his head and with no memory of how it got there. After revealing it to Torinn; they decided to make it known to the rest of the group: Content Not Found: null_, Content Not Found: null_, and Content Not Found: null.

After waking Lazuli in her lab, the group strapped the Warlock to a table to study the face. After hours of Lazuli’s investigations she found that the face was some kind of Parasite and the Cleric of the group was able to find that it was neither demonic or fiend. After serving his purpose towards the investigation, Torinn decided to leave Lazuli’s lab to find a knocking at the door.

Peeking outside the window he saw a Rakshasa waiting on their porch. Hesitant, Torinn decided to allow him into their home, not wanting to turn away a potential client. The Rakshasa called himself Subahu. The Cleric of Bahamut, being as cordial as he could with an evil being, managed to make a deal with Subahu to investigate potential Demonic activity in Vanaarus’ catacombs and act with the utmost discretion.

As Subahu was taking his leave, the rest of the group was finishing up their investigation on the Warlock’s “affliction”. They found that Barakas could feel the same pain as the face and that the face could communicate with Barakas telepathically. They also attempted a ritual to purge him of evil, but were surprised to see the parasite still attached to it’s host.

Satisfied with the information they gathered, the group released Barakas and went upstairs where Torinn was waiting to inform them of their new job. The group decided to split up to gather information on the job and to seek out the libraries of Vanaarus to see if they could find more information on Barakas’ parasite.

Lazuli took to the library while the rest of the group headed to a lead given to them by Subahu, finding themselves at Baerzum’s Fiendish Brewery, a distillery that produces the popular alcoholic beverage known as Fiend Brew. After a meeting with Baerzum, the group managed to make a deal to gain entry into the catacombs, informing her of the demons within, and their promise to exterminate them.

Interested and concerned to find that there were Demons in the catacombs, she agreed to give the party entry. While this was going on Lazuli was able to gather more information on Barakas’ affliction, she was able to find that there were indeed other cases of this in the past. All of them were just as baffling and all were unsolved. They also had another commonality, in that in every case, the afflicted committed suicide.

The group met back up at the house to share the information that was gathered on the mission and the bad news regarding Barakas’ potential fate. The group decided to rest for the remainder of the day before heading out to the catacombs.

After some exploring, the group managed to find the rumored Demons that had invaded the catacombs, they found mostly lesser Demons such as Manes, Dretches, and Quasits. The party was able to make quick work of the lesser demons and find the source of their entry, that being a small coven of witches surround the corpse of a giant demon — finding that they were trying to summon the demon know as Kvelertak.

The coven were successful in summoning the demon, revealing him to be a Vrock. However, due to the interrupted ceremony, the demon wasn’t at it’s full strength and the group was able to eliminate him and make good on their job.

After completing their work, the group met up with Subahu at his home where they were awarded the promised commission along with a bonus for taking down the Vrock, in the form of Sabahu getting in touch with one of his contacts about Barakas Creed’s affliction.



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