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Treasure Hunt

After their battle with the Hags, the group retired to their manor for some well earned sleep; one of the members of the group however — Wilhelm had a restless night; dreaming that someone or something was watching him from his window as he slept.

When the group had awoken, Jonathan noticed that their was a bean missing from his Bag of Beans, after asking other members of the group he found that none of them had anything to do with the disappearance.

Wilhelm went to speak with Blitz to ask him about the state of their Refinery and Blitz brought up that after some studying; he found that there was a small, abandoned, temple of Kol Korran that was likely a site for treasure. Wilhelm asked that Blitz make arrangements for the would be adventure.

Moradin decided to take to the kitchen and put his magical cleaver to use, making breakfast. As the group sat down to a meal, Gren came into the kitchen, claiming with pride that he had planted the seed that they had left in his room for him. The group was confused until Jonathan mentioned that he had awoken to find one his beans were missing and Wilhelm made the group aware of his restless night.

The group followed Gren outside, before going to the garden they saw that people from the town wanted to show their appreciation for finding the missing children and taking care of the hags by leaving them baskets of flowers and foods. The group was grateful, but decided that it would be best to distribute the food to the poor and had Blitz make arrangements.

The group also noticed however that one of the baskets had a gray mask inside; which Wilhelm claimed, satisfied with their decision about the food and with the promise of a new magic item; the group followed Gren to the garden. As they arrived in the garden, before Gren could fully lead them to the spot he had planted the seed; as statue burst from the earth resembling Gren.

The statue began berating Gren and did it’s best to convince the party to murder him. The group ultimately ordered that the statue be carried off and tossed into the ocean. While in the garden, the group decided to investigate outside of Wilhelm and Jonathan’s window.

The group was surprised to find Troll tracks outside of Wilhelm’s window and tracks that resembled small hooves outside of Jonathan’s window. More concerned about the troll tracks, with further investigation to group found that there were claw marks going up the side of their home.

Jonathan took to the roof the find more claw marks, but no other signs of a troll. While Jonathan and Wilhelm were on the roof, Clancy approached Moradin to inform him that they had a visitor, Moradin was surprised to find that it was Roach and was even more surprised to find that Roach knew about their ship.

The rest of the group joined Moradin and Roach told them his tale of escape and of him finding an Orc warband that called themselves The Wolverines. He confessed that he told them about their ship and they too were in need of a sailing vessel. He let them know that the orcs were camping just a few miles outside of Riverwood.

The group decided to meet up with The Wolverines and met up with their Captain, Stryke. The orcs seemed civil enough (for Orcs) and the group was able to come up with a tentative deal. The orcs offered to man their ship if they shuttled them to their desired location; they were reluctant to give specific details at the time.

The group informed that they needed bit more time to raise funds, but thought that they would likely be able to come to an agreement. The group also asked if the orcs would be willing to help and guard that town and informed them about the potential threat of a troll. The orcs seemed somewhat reluctant, but agreed.

The group returned to town. Moradin made arrangements and promoted the most experienced guard as the new Content Not Found: leonard-iron-shield. He informed him of the orcs and asked that he made the town aware before sending some men out to greet the orcs and make arrangements to arm them and make sure they were well fed. The new captain seemed happy with the promotion and agreed to help.

While Moradin made arrangements, Wilhelm sought out someone who might be able to identify his new mask. He ultimately found a Tiefling by the name of Content Not Found: chance who offered up his services, Chance was able to find some of the masks secrets, but not all. Wilhelm decided to take a risk and put the mask on and immediately passed out after being overcome with searing pain.

Chance decided to return Wilhelm to his manor, after going through his pockets and getting a good idea that he was one of the new people who took over Riverwood Manor. The rest of the group came home to a panic Clancy, who had taken the unconscious Wilhelm to his room.

It didn’t take long for Moradin and Jonathan to locate Chance and get enough information out of him to get an idea that the mask is what caused Wilhelm to fall unconscious. By the time they returned to the manor Wilhelm was up and awake, having discovered that the mask had the ability to change his facial features; but couldn’t be removed.

After taking a few hours to rest up, the group decided to set out to the temple. As promised Blitz had things prepared, horses suited up with a weeks worth of rations, along with a giant lizard with a cart attached; the cart will with three empty chests. The group found that they had found the lizard washed up on the shore a few years ago, with a collar identifying the lizard simply as “Kitty”.

Before the group set off, Blitz let them know that they would be going into Lizardfolk territory and told them about Chief Blue Jacket, who was friendly to Riverwood.

Having a map, the group was able to find the Lizardfolk village easy enough. The Lizardfolk in the tribe able to speak common being Blue Jacket. He confirmed to the group that the temple did in fact exist, but it was currently under the control of the “Snake People”. He informed that some of his tribe went off to join the “Snake People” believing them to be gods. He agreed to point out the location of the map and continue his truce with Riverwood if they would clear out the “Snake People” from the temple, which he hoped would drive them out of his territory.

The group agreed and after some time, they found the temple. The temple looked to be mostly intact, but heavily altered and adorned with snake like statues and designs. The group was able to make quick work of the guards outside, being some Lizardfolk who were converted, and two men who looked like they were human at first glance; but had snake like eyes and patches of scales on their skin.

The group also found three cages, one empty, the other two had Lizardfolk trapped within. The group decided to free the trapped Lizardfolk who were grateful.

Inside the temple it sounded as though there was a ritual going on. The group smashed their way inside as Moradin crashed through the front door, while Wilhelm and Jonathan crashed their way through the side windows.

The group entered the temple just in time for what appeared to be a Yuan-Ti drive it’s sacrificial blade into the heart of a Lizardfolk, a portal immediately opened behind it. As the group moved into battle, they were surprised to find giant snakes emerge from wells within the temple; the battle was going in their favor until a Red Slaad emerged from the portal.

The group had to make a temporary truce with the Yuan-Ti to take the creature, but after felling the creature they immediately continued their battle with the snake men. During the battle, Jonathan was surrounded by a bright light and found that a petrified egg was resting beside his feet. The group was victorious, but were left with a portal to Limbo, and without a way to close it.

Knowing that the couldn’t close the portal themselves; the group decided to carry on and found a stairway that led underneath an altar. The group found a lone leaver that seemed to open and close the door.

Being cautious, Wilhelm and Jonathan decided to enter the room under the alter; while Moradin guarded the lever. As they entered the room, Wilhelm and Jonathan were delighted to find that the room was loaded with treasure and immediately began filling their pockets with treasure. As they dug deeper, a Spectator burst out from the coins.

The group was unable to talk their way out of the situation as the Spectator blasted Moradin with a beam that teleported him into the chamber. To the groups surprise, an Imp burrowed itself out of a pile of treasure and ran out of the room; pulling the lever and trapping the group inside.

As the door closed, the group saw that rather than there being a closed door, there was a hallway that looked as though it lead into a different room. The group battled with the Spectator who ended up teleporting away after getting the worst end of the battle.

Moradin immediately recognized that the structure of the room resembled that of a maze. After some deadly traps, puzzles, a screaming clockwork construct, a little old lady, and a boy demanding a sad story; the group was able to make their way through the maze and engage in a final battle with the Spectator and come out on top.

The group found the true treasure and a lone mirror and finding that a chain devil was trapped inside. The chain devil offered to help and close the portal if they agreed to free him; under the condition that he doesn’t harm them. Jonathan decided to speak the devil’s name — Dagon and free him.

Dagon did his best to coax the group into additional offers, but they refused to make any further deals. The devil closed the portal as promised and left, but the group realized that this probably wasn’t the last time that they would encounter him — now that they knew his name. The group however was able to leave with an impressive haul of treasure and are closer to being able to fund their voyage.



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