Lazuli Moongleam


In her youth, Lazuli Moongleam lived a charmed life. She grew up on the island of Sindrastafaal – the Isle of Wonder – where she showed acute magical aptitude at a very young age; her parents were supportive of her intellectual pursuits and aided her studies in any way that they could.

With her parents aid, Lazuli was invited to participate in the Tournament of Elements, a competition displaying mastery of the forces of magic. The young woman went on to be the youngest person in the history of Sindrastafaal to win the tournament, and she was invited to continue her studies in the Tower of the Winds at the heart of the island.

Lazuli studied at the wizarding college for only a year before all communication with her parents stopped abruptly. Worry consumed the girl to the point that she chose to leave the tower and return to her family home. What she returned to was an empty house, with the shallow scrapes of talons on the floor, the smell of brimstone on the air, and a lingering fiendish presence. Her parents were no where to be found.

As Lazuli moved around the house to collect what clues she could find as to her parent’s whereabouts, she was surprised to hear someone else enter the house…

Lazuli Moongleam

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