Subahu has the same physical characteristics as a blank panther. He typically dresses in fine robes, a turban, a sash, and fine jewelry. He seems to be partial to the color green, typically having that color somewhere in whatever outfit he decides on for the day. He always has an ornamental scimitar at his side, that is littered with jewels and gold.

He is powerfully built, but lean, and stands at about six feet tall. He moves with catlike grace and makes little to no noise no matter what surface he is walking on. He carries himself as a professional/business man and is always looking to make reliable contacts that would help him meet his goals.


A Rakshasa currently living in the city Vanaarus. He recently made himself known to the group with an offer for work. He requested that the group inspect the rumored arrival of a group of demons in Vanaarus’ catacombs with the offer of 300 gold. He asked that the group eliminate whatever demonic threat they could find and return with proof of their deed. He also stressed the importance of their discretion. The only information the Rakshasa gave the group was his name and the location of his home. The group was successful and he honored his agreement with a bonus after finding that the group managed to fell a Vrock. He offered to find them a cleric to investigate a strange affliction that has fallen on Barakas Creed.


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