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The Escape pt 2

As the party battles Grimgore The Flayer in the torture chamber, a band of orcs fight for their lives as they try and battle their way out of the main cell block. There is one orc that the rest seem to look to; fighting off other prisoners who had been promised freedom for joining the Manis army. The impact of his fists meeting their faces make dull cracking noises as he punches a path through them, clobbering any that stand in his way.

An older Orc, following closely behind him shouts out.

Stryke! That damned Troll is getting closer; we don’t have the means to take that thing down…”

Styke looks back, over his shoulder. He sees the Troll known as Ripper living up to his name as he rends through anyone standing in his path. Fortunately there are a lot of others he needs to claw his way through before he reaches the orcs near the front.

Alfray. Keep pushing!”

The elderly orc does as he is commanded, holding his own as he fights onward as they reach two other orcs near the doorway, fighting to keep it clear. The one Orc is much larger than the rest, using a large piece of broken wood that he had make-shifted into a club; smashing anyone brave enough to come up and challenge him. Fighting at his side is a female orc, fighting just as ferociously but with more swiftness and precision. Styke steps up to them, sounding relieved.

HaskeerCoila… It’s good to see you made it through this mess.”

Haskeer sneers as he cracks a charging prisoner’s head open.

“’bout damn time you got up here, I thought I’d have to come to you and carry grandpa out myself.”

Alfray shakes his head, his age and patience keeping him from lunging at the larger, younger orc. Styke stands between them regardless, not wanting to take any chances.

“That’s enough of your bullshit lieutenant; we need to get the hell out of here.”

Coilla steps towards Stryke, gesturing at the stairway.

“Captain. It looks like the only way out is up those stairs, a group went into the Torture chamber; but they locked the doors behind them.”

Haskeer spits on the ground.

“Fucking humans.”

The rest of the war-band reaches the doorway; they stop at Stryke – saluting him. He looks past them, seeing that the gap of prisoners is getting smaller as the Troll approaches. Coilla gestures towards the small pile of bodies at the foot of the stairway; their lifeless bodies riddled with arrows.

“It doesn’t look like we’re just going to be able to walk up those stairs.”

Stryke pauses for a moment, looking on as the gap of prisoners between his war-band and the Troll shrinks as it claws it’s way towards freedom. He looks back into the hallway, his eyes fixed at the mess hall across from the stairway.

“Wolverines! On me!”

The war-band follows Stryke into the hallway and stop at the mess hall, he looks to Haskeer; gesturing at a table.

“Haskeer, we need a shield.”

Haskeer nods with a grin on his face, taking a handful of grunts with him — in just a short few moments Haskeer hoists a table into the air and charges the stairway; arrows pound up against the flat of the table as the orcs charge up the stairs.

“Riot! What? How?”

Content Not Found: warden-lesten pounds his fists on his desk, his face red with rage. The guard standing in the doorway shifts nervously.

“Yes sir, a riot; level three is out of control.”

Lesten glares at the guard.

“Then why in the hell aren’t you talking to ”/characters/bugger" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bugger?"

The guard clears his throat and looks to the ground.

“Bugger already went down there sir… He… Didn’t come back out.”

Lesten almost flips his desk over or can’t with his flimsy arms; that guard can’t decide — he begins pacing back and forth, rambling to himself.

“First no breakfast… now this…”

The guard clears his throat.


Lesten snaps back.


The guard straightens up.

“That’s not all… Those orcs that we brought in just a few days ago… They’re fighting their way into the main level.”

Lesten’s eyes widen, he fumbles around at his desk drawers and removes a cylinder, clutching it close to his chest.

“How close are they?”

The guard lets out a nervous sigh.

“I’m not sure how much longer we can hold them… We’re short staffed and with the rest of the prisoner getting out…”

Lesten slams his fist on his desk.

“How much longer!?”

Before the guard can answer, the guards head is flung into the frame of the doorway and he crumbles to the ground unconcious. Lesten stands in awe, seeing Styke standing across from him. Stryke leans down and picks up the guards short sword.

“I believe you have something of mine”

Lesten clutches the cylinder closer to his chest, Stryke takes a few steps forward; Haskeer and Coilla stand behind him.

“I should cut you down for locking us up here, but if you hand over that cylinder; we’ll be on our way.”

Lesten just stares, speechless. Haskeer lets out a chuckle from behind Styke and points over his shoulder.

“He pissed himself!”

Coilla snickers.


Styke flips the desk out of his path and snatches the cylinder from the half-elf’s weak grasp, knocking him over — Stryke turns back to his war-band.

“Wolverines! Move out, let’s get out of this hell hole… We don’t have a lot of time.”

The orcs rush off, leaving Lesten alone in his office. He trembles on the floor for a few moments, waiting, expecting the orcs to come back through the doorway to finish him off as if this were some cruel trick. When he decides that it is safe enough he stands to his feet, brushing at the wet spot on his pants.

“These are silk…”

He looks up as he hears his door making a slow creeking noise and latch shut and hearing a calm, monotone voice.

“What a shame.”

A tear runs down Lesten’s cheek as he sees a grinning Troll looking back at him with his jagged, dagger-like teeth.

The Escape

Moradin and Jonathan had spent days in The Mine, forced to eat nothing but bread for fear of what could be in the meat that was being served to them. With no sign of their other companions Hope and Wilhelm, for the few days that they did spend in The Mine; they did have success in The Arena and were actually slated to face off against The Mine’s champion — Ripper, whom they came to find out was a Troll or in other words a death sentence.

Hope and Wilhelm had their own set of problems, both of them waking to find themselves alone in a stone room; with no signs of a true way in our out. Wilhelm spent the night sharpening the handle of a spoon from his daily rations; forging it into a shiv. While Hope tried his hand at playing dead in an attempt to thwart the guards.

The next morning Moradin managed to gain favor with a fellow prisoner by the name of Roach who made arrangements to have a message delivered to Lord Content Not Found: crix in Riverwood, by way of cockroach. Hopefully Roach’s boasts hold true and the message is delivered.

In the meantime, Hope had awoken in another cell; this one open — however outside of the cell he heard a horrible, mechanical grinding. To his horror he found that it was a large pit with grinding blades — it looked like Hope’s plan to play dead had worked; but was it to his benefit?

Meanwhile, Moradin and Jonathan were confronted by a Captain of The Manis army, Jericho. They were offered their freedom in exchange for enlisting. However, they were informed that they would likely serve in the front lines and found that their friends in Solitary would not be permitted to join them. Moradin declined while Jonathan accepted the offer — desiring his freedom. He was informed that he would be released and conscripted into The Manis army in the following day.

WIlhelm however, was seeking freedom by other means. The clever Bard faked sleeping, having discovered that his food seemed to only be delivered to him while he slumbered. Unaware of his scheme, two guards opened a doorway into the room and Wilhelm sprang to action — charming a guard and managing to shiv the other. He locked the charmed guard in a room and mounted his escape plot.

Wilhelm attempted to dress up as a guard, but his plan failed as he was quickly recognized — but his efforts cause the other prisoners to go into a frenzy and the alarm was quickly raised.

The group managed to come together, battling guards with make-shift weapons and their bare hands; even managing to take down the captain of the guard — Bugger. As the group left the main cell block, Wilhelm sprung all of the prisoners free and chaos ensued; many of the prisoners who wanted to join the army battled those who merely wanted freedom, while Ripper cut his way through anyone in his path indiscriminately.

Not wanting to face the troll head on and eager to escape, the group pushed on and chased a group of guards into the mess hall. They encountered Chef, and a small group of guards. The group managed to get most of the guard to surrender, but the Bullywug was inclined to defend his kitchen. They made quick work of the remaining guards and Moradin clobbered the Bullywug in unconsciousness; taking his Cleaver finding it to be magical. Tired and broken from the previous battle, the group found a delicious meal in the Bullywugs’ kitchen; which they couldn’t resist — the meal lifted their spirits and helped to push them onward.

The final room they entered, was the torture chamber — knowing that was the only way to get to an elevator that would take them outside of The Mine. They would only need to get through another group of guards and an ogre… Grimgore the Flayer. The group fought valiantly, taking down a pack of trained dogs and cutting down guards. They avoided traps and managed to burn Grimgore with fire, acid, and smash a massive iron pot on his head — but it was Jonathan’s blade that brough the Ogre down, severing the vile creatures head from it’s body.

Feeling triumphant the group took the elevator up to the arena and stepped on to it’s sands; waiting for them was an Assassin; who claimed that he was waiting for them, and was there to collect their heads. Despite being outnumbered, the assassin gave the group all they could handle, even managing to knock Wilhelm unconscious before Jonathan launched a well placed arrow into the assassin’s head, killing him. The group found a bounty on the assassin’s body; surprised to find that they were all named with an offer of 10,000 GP per head.

Their victory was short lived as guards started to make their way into the arena; to their surprise, seemingly out of nowhere the group saw a Goblin poking his head out of a door; beckoning for them. With no other alternative, the group ran through the door finding themselves in a strange, small, room.

Inhabited by an odd pair, a Goblin and Kobold; the group found that their names were Itch and Set. The group was offered transport to Riverwood for a favor and were present with what looked to be a Silver Minotaur horn. The Goblin and Kobold simply asked that it be returned to it’s rightful home. The group agreed and found themselves standing outside the town of Riverwood.

Welcome to The Mine

On the road to Riverwood, in an unlucky string of events — the group managed to run into a platoon of Manis soldiers. Having been flagged for treason, they were apprehended and shuttled off to The Mine.

The group has spent roughly a weeks time at The Mine, having battled in the arena both individually and as a group — their success being the only thing that has kept them alive.

However, rumors have surfaced that the Manis is on their way to The Mine to give “traitors” a second chance to join in on the war. This may be the groups last and only chance of getting out of The Mine, whether it be through joining in on the cause or… through other means.

Dearest Friend

Dearest Friend,

I hope this letter reaches you, especially in these times of war. It has been years since I have seen or spoken with any of you but I must ask that you come and see me at my home in Riverwood.

I don’t wish to burden you or take you away from your current lives, but circumstances are dire and I have a favor to ask of you. I won’t go into detail in this letter, in case it comes across someone else’s eyes. What I can tell you is this — that although normally this is something I would take care of myself, I am not long for this world. In my travels I have contracted an unknown disease, despite our clerics and priests best efforts, no amount healing or spell has been able to cure my affliction.

You are the only one that I would trust with this task, please do your best to come and see me as quickly as possible; I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. I wish we could have seen one another in better circumstances, but I look forward to seeing you again old friend.

Lord Crix

Character Creation
The start of the campaign, creating your characters.

Intro / Character Creation

The group has been adventuring together for some time already, so please keep that in mind when creating your characters, work together on a background that will tie everyone together. I would like to start everyone out at LVL 3 because the group already has some experience at adventuring.

I would like everyone to use a point array rather than rolling stats for your characters, if you get me a good background for the game I will do my best to integrate it into the campaign. Also, if there is anything that you feel I should add or change throughout the course of the game, please let me know. I want everyone to have fun. If you would like to play a race other than the one listed in the player handbook; let me know and we can probably work something out to make it a playable race.

Here is the rough draft of how I want your characters to start the adventure, this may change slightly when I receive your backgrounds. I will also give more details after receiving everyone’s backgrounds.

The group is on the road towards the town of Riverwood having received a letter from a companion who had to leave their group a few years ago — due to being summoned by his family. The group was informed that he was on his death bed and that he wished to speak with them about an important matter before entering the after life.

However, the group also received a summons informing that they had been drafted into the Manis army or face treason. Having stronger ties with their friend, they decided to chance it and meet up with their dying companion.


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