After a typical adventure that brought the group to a Wizard’s home in search of magic items, knowledge, or just some good old exploration — the group managed to open a rift that sucked them and the Wizard’s home into the fiendish Nine Hells of Baator, floating directly above the city known as Vanaarus.

At first, the group was unwelcome, the only thing keeping them alive being the red tape and bureaucracy of the fiends living below, finding that the group was just outside of their jurisdiction and their laws didn’t apply to them. The group has managed to survive over the years, still unwelcome, but accepted as they have proven themselves to be useful to the fiends — not as servants or followers, but contractors.

Not having to live within the confines of the fiends rules, the group has proven themselves useful in bypassing their red tape and taking care of any problems that might be plaguing The Nine Hells for a price. The group now calling themselves — Outside Solutions: devilishly simple.

Outsider Solutions

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