The she-devil known as Baerzum is very large, sitting (or standing, you can’t tell) at 10 ft. tall and likely weighing a ton (give or take). Her skin is a dark green with purple serpent-like eyes. She has eight tentacle arms that she uses to multi-task from her fixed position in her brewery. With six breasts that she doesn’t bother to cover.

She is surrounded by scantily dressed servants of all genders who are chained to her “chair” that she finds attractive (from humans, elves, and halflings to lesser devils). They are constantly lifting up folds of her fat to clean her and perform any other action that she demands.


Baerzum is the owner and operator of Baerzum’s Fiendish Brew; a distillery that produces Fiend Brew — a popular alcoholic beverage that has taken Vanaarus by storm. Her secret formula has helped her make contacts with nobles, businessmen, and politicians alike. Baerzum has amassed an absurd amount of wealth do to her gourmet beverage.


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